our plan

We plan on revolutionizing the industry. As we understand the evolutionary process of a fighter or academy owner, our initiative is to make it simple for everyone, by monetizing the community in a way that provides incentives, giveaways and sponsorships that will enable many to turn their dreams into a reality

We plan to automate the process for everyone already involved and those who want to be involved so that an occupation within the industry may be focused on in order to achieve success in competition, teaching as an instructor, or owning an academy

our purpose is to help athletes

At Fighter Affiliate, our mission is to empower and connect the fighting industry. We aim to provide valuable information, resources, and solutions to the issues faced within the industry. We strive to promote products and services that align with our mission and benefit those involved in the fighting world



Our end goal is to create a community where the evolutionary process is streamlined and accessible to all through monetization initiatives that provide incentives, giveaways, and sponsorships. We want to empower fighters, martial artists, instructors, academy owners, and gym owners to turn their dreams into a reality. We are dedicated to automating the process and providing the resources needed to turn an occupation in the industry into a successful and fulfilling career!